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Stop Worshiping Your Heroes. It’s Killing Your Motivation.
The Timing of the Mental Health Crisis Couldn’t Be worse for Generation X
Papa’s Hands: A Tribute to My Late Grandfather
How Ministry Burnout Weakens Your Resistance to Temptation

What starts out as ministry burnout can grow into a full-blown dumpster fire. And no area of your inward life is more combustible than your relationship with temptation. If you’re battling ministry burnout, address the temptation issue speedily and thoroughly.

How Ministry Burnout Can Steal Your Relationship with God
Embrace Your Limitations. Realize Your True Calling

When You’re NOT CALLED to things that You Want to Be from Jathan Maricelli on Vimeo. I thought I would become the pastor of my father’s church someday. That didn’t happen. He recently retired and transitioned the church to someone

“In EVERYTHING Give Thanks.” Really?

The Gratitude Transaction Apostle Paul said, in Thessalonians 5:18 “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” And sometimes I have a real problem with this verse. In EVERYTHING give thanks…really? Everything?

Do You Have To Pray Every Day?

ONE HOUR vs.TEN MINUTES There are wide-ranging opinions on how frequently a “good” Christian should pray. I’ve heard ministers passionately contend that neglecting to pray for an hour every day was a half step below blasphemy. Proponents of this viewpoint

Flood Victims are Prime Candidates for Burnout. Here’s How You can Help

Property Damage The flood waters that recently engulfed southeast Louisiana destroyed houses, businesses, and infrastructure. The carnage is unfathomable, really. The dollar amount of damage is estimated at 8.7 billion. The emotional and psychological damage, however, is inestimable.   People

Maker Sure Your Unpopular Decision is the RIGHT Decision