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Stop Worshiping Your Heroes. It’s Killing Your Motivation.
The Most Important Self Development Skill of All
A Cognitive Strategy for Creating Hope in Your Life

“Hopelessness is a really toxic and dangerous state.” Cory Booker Hopelessness will destroy you from the inside out. It will drain your energy, sap your motivation, and eventually cause you to despair of life itself. Unfortunately, hopelessness is a widespread

Face Your Fears. Risk it All. Earn Your Self Respect.

Every culture has a dragon. Why? Because every person knows what fear feels like. Every person knows what intimidation feels like. Every person knows what it means to be a coward. At least temporarily. We all want something. That big

3 Reasons Why Your Hard Work isn’t Producing Results
The Magic of Thinking Big is in Working Small

The irony of Chuck Close’s career-launching “Big Self Portrait” is the title itself. The 107. 5 inches by 83.5 inches rendering of Close, cigarette dangling with a devil-may-care expression would never have existed had the artist not learned the power

How to Overcome Every Next-Level Challenge in Your Life

You’ve got big goals? Congratulations. Now stop patting yourself on the back and get to work because you’re in for the fight of your life. There’s a fine line between entitlement and self-confidence. Many don’t know the difference. As a

How to Overcome Failure with a Growth Mindset
How I Wrote 60K Words with 4 Kids and a Day Job
How to Tell Your Story for Life Change

How many stories can you recall from your childhood? Cinderella, Snow White, Robin Hood, on and on. Perhaps you haven’t heard them in three decades, yet you can name the central characters, plot, and theme.   You remember them because