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Make Your Second Life Special If You Destroyed Your First One

How A Destiny Gets Hijacked A baseball movie is not supposed to make a dude cry, but that’s exactly what Bernard Malamud’s …


I Want More Than a Happy Family. Is That Wrong?

My two oldest sons compete over everything. It drives me nuts. It makes me proud. They fight to near death to see: …


The Most Spiritual Move to Make Is To Not Make One

Want to be happy? If you can pull these four things off, you have a shot. Think of something you need to …


How to Loot Your Child’s Happiness to Make Your Life Better

A good friend of mine recently contracted the West Nile virus and it almost killed him. He’s a lot better now, which …


The Best Way to Waste Your Money on Therapy

Albert Ellis defeated his fear of talking to women in a most courageous way. He sat on a park bench at the New …


Stop Beating Yourself Up. You’re Not the One Getting Hurt.

My English teacher’s tooth fell out during a self-flagellation scene of “The Scarlet Letter”. Mr. Baker got so cracked up by the …