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Stop Beating Yourself Up. You’re Not the One Getting Hurt.

My English teacher’s tooth fell out during a self-flagellation scene of “The Scarlet Letter”. Mr. Baker got so cracked up by the maniacal pleasure with which Chillingworth observed the guilt-ridden Puritan minister Dimmesdale whipping himself that he…well, he laughed a

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How to Make Sure You’re as Un-creative as Possible
Stop Worshiping Your Heroes. It’s Killing Your Motivation.
Admit it. You are Part of the Problem.
Don’t Find Your Passion at the Expense of Losing Your People
How to Get Your Query Deleted in 10 Seconds or Less

Your most attractive credential to a magazine editor, blogger, or agent might not have anything to do with your writing ability. As it turns out empathy, professionalism, and plain ole’ good manners might be the very thing that gets your

Can Christ Restore Your Missing Parts?
God, I need You to help me love You better.

My pastor is the type of Christian that wears his relationship with Christ on his sleeve. He’s not pushy or self-aggrandizing in his love for Christ. But when you speak with him privately, hear him preach, watch him lead meetings,

How the Early Christians Renewed their Passion for Christ
The Four Evolutionary Stages of Thought Leadership

Do you aspire to spread ideas that will stick around for generations, change lives, and alter the very fabric of society? If so, according to Elizabeth Marshall, you might be the next thought leader. Like Seth Godin.   Recently, Elizabeth